Typically it is not the number of guests but a minimum spend that is put in place. This is date,location and time dependent. With an inquiry through our system these details can be provided.

Please submit an inquiry through our online system and one of our experienced team members will get in touch with you within 48 hours. Then ofwe can send you detailed packages based on your type of event and schedule a meeting to complete a booking. A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the date and resources.

This is not concrete! We know that sometimes things happen more quickly than we anticipate!Assuming we have the dates/resources available, there is no reason we cannot complete yourrequest. Keep in mind that the AGCO does require us to submit our catering notification form atleast ten days in advance of an event if you are expecting us to provide liquor.

Absolutely! It is our pleasure to plan and provide every aspect of your event. In other cases we canjust be involved in one area! We have a catering endorsement licence, which allows us to cateralcohol pretty much anywhere!

We can! This will be a supplemental charge, but we are happy to be as involved as you want us tobe. We are however, at no charge, happy to pass on our contacts with various vendors.

This is not a problem, and it is something we never want you to worry about! We do cater for over600 people daily, with a variety of complicated dietary restrictions. We are familiar with them alland always have creative alternatives. Vegan, gluten free, celiac, keto, halal, name it! We can do it!Additional fees may apply.

Yes! We must receive a deposit before we provide you with your complimentary tasting. Typicallyyou can have up to six people attend your tasting, however, we encourage four people so that youare able to really make decisions that reflect your tastes and style. It is your day, after all! Uponrequest we can schedule a meeting with one of our chefs to assist you in the menu decision makingprocess.

One month in advance. After this point, your numbers can only increase. The month mark is whenwe complete our ordering and resource planning, so it is important you have a fairly accurate ideaof numbers and dietary restrictions at this point. Corporate events have a bit more leniency withthis deadline. This can be discussed with your booking representative.

We can help with this! We are familiar with the length of time it takes for a dinner service based onhow many people and which menu you choose. Once we have these details we can help youprepare a fairly accurate timeline for the evening. Typically, you want to plan for approx. 20-30 minutes per course for a seated dinner of approximately 100-150 people (again this depends onyour menu choices and the complexity of the menu). A buffet takes about one hour and stationsneed to be open for approx. 1 hour.

This is one of our competitive advantages. We hire experienced, talented and educated chefs towork in the restaurant and prepare our catering food. You are not getting just the basics with us.Our chefs cook the food at the restaurant and will also cook the food for your wedding. Quality andconsistency is our priority.

If you have ever been to Gilt Restaurant you will understand the quality of our service team. This isthe same standard we maintain at our offsite events. Excellent service is a pillar at our company.The hiring and vetting process for offsite staff is equivalent to that of the restaurant.

We are responsible for all things pertaining to the services you book with us. If we are doing foodand beverage, we are responsible for setting your tables, setting up the bar and tearing this alldown and cleaning up. This might change if we are only providing one area of the service, pleaseask your booking representative to clarify. However, we can always be more involved, at asupplemental charge.

The options are endless. We have experience catering for upwards of 1000 people. We will not limit ourselves.

No problem! We have the menus available for you to look at so you have an idea of what we can do,but never think that is all we can do! We are happy to design a unique menu for your event. If thereis something particular you are looking for, please tell us.

Yes! Either we can cater your rehearsal dinner, or we can host you at the restaurant. We have agorgeous bar and lounge available that can be transformed into a semi private dining room. We giveour wedding clients first right of refusal on the rehearsal dinner date before booking it to someoneelse (assuming it is not already booked on your date). We offer a 10% discount on food andbeverage for wedding clients on their rehearsal dinner assuming it is at the restaurant. If you arelooking for offsite catering, a minimum spend will apply.

This is venue dependent. We are, however, happy to assist and coordinate this for you. We willalways let you know what you need and which is the best place to rent from. We are responsible foranything required for the direct services we are hired for. Basic dinnerware and glassware isincluded in the prices below.

This is a fee, or levy, that is applied to a contract between the venue and the caterer. It is typically apercentage of the quote to the client that a cater pays when a clients requests its services. As perusual, this fee is passed directly to the client.